Electronic Note Space Systems L.L.C.

The History Of Electronic Note Space Systems L.L.C.

Originally Founded by Peter Lust in 1984.  Peter Lust completed his military duty in 1982 with degrees in PMEL and Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering soon followed.  Peter Lust has been a musician for 39 years.  Ruth Lust has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and worked a Head Nurse of Intensive Care for over 20 years.  After retiring from Nursing Ruth took up full time work in Electronic Note Space business.  Engineering was the technical background for Peter and music his love, then Electronic Note Space Systems was born.

Born in Montreal in 1960 to German parents Peter started playing the drums in the dungeons of his parents 350 year old house when he was 10 years old.  Peter worked in his teenage years in the oil rigs in northern Alberta Canada before immigrating to the United States.  He joined the United States Air force at 19 where his education in PMEL, Laser Communications, and then completed a Bachelor Degree in electronic engineering.  Completing his education and tour of duty, then Honorably Discharged.

Since then Peter has exclusively worked in the space industry since a Teenager designing and building many communication and Spacecraft products and has represented some of the worlds most famous spacecraft equipment manufactures, including, Tesat Spacecom (previously, Bosch Space and Communications of Backnang Germany, Teldix of Heidelberg Germany, Jena Optronik of Jena Germany, IABG of Ottobrun Germany, Kearfott Guidance anc Navigations, Carl Zeiss Optics of Oberkochen Germany, Spar Space Systems of Montreal Canada and many more.

Peter now a family man, married for 25 years and 3 children. 

Peter "POPS" Lust has played for over 35 years the drums.  A passion that goes beyond, in the creating of a new style of Family Rock Music with the family band THE FEISTY PIRANHAS. 

"The Key to Success is a strong and high level of education and dedication to family values.  I am glad to know that all my children want to be lawyers and professionals and with Elizabeth joining Electronic Note Space Systems as an apprentice to carry on the family space business.  It makes me feel that I have done all within reason to be a good father and friend to my family."